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Jawatan Kosong MARSAH – Kolej Pengajian Islam Johor

jawatan kosong marsah
Jawatan Kosong MARSAH – Islamic education system in the State of Ta’zim began in 1923 again. It continued to grow until now through Johor state religious schools. Then a system of religious education at the primary level has been introduced through the systematic establishment of religion Integrated Primary School (SRAB).
Next the religious education at the secondary level will also be built and developed. Arguably, the religious education system in the state of Johor both at the primary nor the secondary level are well established and able to qualified students to pursue higher education. To meet the demand for post-secondary students to pursue higher education, MARSAH was established as a continuation of and a complement to Islamic education system in the state of Johor.
The early history of Islamic Studies College Johor (MARSAH) as a center of higher learning in Islamic and Arabic have been in existence in 1997 when the Johor Islamic Religious Council has decided elevate the standard of education in higher education Maahad Johor Islamic maintain Maahad Johor as high school and MARSAH as IPT. On 17 June 1997 a memorendem understanding in the academic culture of Johor Islamic Religious Council and the University of Al-Azhar has been signed to enable the learning center was set up to handle the program and courses KuliahAl-Dirasat Al-Islamiah Al-Arabian Wa Al MARSAH-Azhar.
On 4 November 1997 MARSAH has started a course of study Islamic Law with a total enrollment of 42 people located in Johor Maahad building. On July 5, 2000 MARSAH get recognition from Al-Azhar University for Diploma in Islamic Law and Usuluddin.
Jawatan Kosong Kolej Pengajian Islam Johor (MARSAH) :
  1. Timbalan Ketua Eksekutif N52
  2. Pensyarah DS45
  3. Pegawai Psikologi S41
  4. Pembantu Tadbir (Perkanian/Operasi) N17
  5. Juruteknik Komputer FT17
  6. Juruteknik Elektrik J17
  7. Pekerja Awam R1
  8. Pemandu Kenderaan R3
  9. Pembantu Am Pejabat N1
How to Apply
Petition Petition Bureau ought to use Borang Empty Pengajian Kolej Islam Johor (MARSAH) (sila download at the website: www.marsah.edu.my)
- All the edict which ought to be filled in the accreditation forms in CAPITAL LETTERS with clear and bright.
- Please send your application to :
- Please write down the name of the bureau of the cult of the left throughout your cover letter.
Sila refer eligibility requirements for the next announcement.
Further information and how to apply, please follow :
Application form :
Jawatan Kosong Marsah closing date 14 Disember 2012
Posted on : December 6th, 2012
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